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Assault Crimes

An assault charge has the potential to derail your life.  If you live in or around Williston and face such a charge, you need the assistance of a proven criminal defense attorney.  Our Williston, ND legal team is ready and willing to review the facts of your case, develop the appropriate legal strategy and fiercely advocate on your behalf.  Our aim is to clear your name, have the charge dropped or reduced and return your life to normalcy.

Assault Charge Defenses

There is a common misconception among those who live in Williston, ND and beyond that an assault accusation is impossible to overcome.  The truth is the worst thing you can do is assume you will be found guilty.  This is not the type of accusation you can successfully defend on your own in a pro se manner.  Schedule an appointment with our Williston criminal defense law firm and we will invest the time and effort necessary to understand the unique facts of your case.  These details ultimately serve as the foundation for our legal defense strategy.  Unlike some other criminal defense law firms in Williston, our attorneys refuse to apply the same one-size-fits-all legal defense to each assault case.  We custom-tailor an idiosyncratic legal defense strategy to the nuances of each client’s unique case.

Our strategic assault charge defenses have led to dropped or reduced charges for those accused of felonious assault, assault and battery, assault with a deadly weapon, vehicular assault and even assaulting a police officer.  We rely on expert witness testimony, an in-depth analysis of police procedures, psychiatric evaluations, the collection of evidence and more to craft convincing legal strategies.  You will not find a more detail-oriented criminal defense law firm in Williston.

Avoid Potential Assault Crime Penalties

If you are wrongly accused of assault, you should know the potential penalties.  Assault charges have the potential to lead to costly fines, lengthy jail time and an extended probation period.  Fail to hire a criminal defense attorney worth his or her keep and you will end up with at least one of these  penalties.  The truth is the quality of your Williston criminal defense attorney matters just as much as the facts of your case.

Let our attorneys review your case and you can rest easy knowing the best criminal defense attorneys in Williston are working hard to clear your name.  The alternative is to hire any old criminal defense attorney, be treated like a number as opposed to a human being and ultimately end up paying the price in the form of one of the punishments detailed above.

Top-notch Legal Defense for Alleged Assault Crimes of all Types

Instead of focusing on a particular assault crime, our Williston criminal defense law firm defends against assault charges of all types.  From simple assault to assault with aggravating factors such as the use of a weapon or assault in combination with another felony, we provide comprehensive legal defenses for assaults of all types.  Common assault allegations range from domestic assault to assault with the intent to rob, assault with the intent to murder and assault with the intent to inflict serious injury (also known as aggravated assault).

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If you are charged with any type of assault, your first course of action should be contacting our Williston legal team. Let us analyze your unique case and get to work on building the perfect legal defense. Reach out to our Williston criminal defense attorneys at (701) 577-5555 to learn more about our legal services and schedule an appointment.

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