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Drug Crimes

If you are caught possessing, distributing or selling illegal drugs, you are in perilous legal waters.  Drug crime penalties include exorbitant fines and/or jail time.  The penalty for each specific crime hinges on the unique facts of the situation and the severity of the supposed wrongdoing.  If you are charged with a drug crime of any type, it is imperative you act quickly.  The sooner you can meet with our Williston criminal defense attorneys, the more time we will have to formulate a legal defense tailored to the facts of your specific case.

The Experienced Drug Crime Legal Team You Need for a Just Result

Our Williston criminal defense attorneys have over two decades of experience serving those in the greater Williston area and beyond.  We have emerged victorious in a variety of criminal defense cases including drug crime cases.  Ask our Williston clients about the quality of our legal defense team and you will find we sweat the small stuff to provide the most comprehensive legal support possible.  While other Williston drug crimes attorneys are strictly focused on a couple key pieces of evidence, our legal team pursues every potential piece of evidence regardless of how minor it might seem.

Even the slightest misstep by the prosecution or a subtlety in witness testimony has the potential to shift the scales of justice in your favor.  However, some criminal defense attorneys are unwilling to invest the time or effort necessary to delve deep into these details to prove their client’s innocence.  Our Williston criminal defense team takes pride in being the exception to the norm in this context.  We thoroughly review all evidence and potential legal strategies with the overarching aim of getting the charge dropped or reduced.

Examples of Drug Crime Defenses

The accusation of a drug crime is not the end of the world.  The assistance of an experienced Williston criminal defense lawyer has the potential to clear your name, return your life to at least a semblance of normalcy and ultimately ensure you are treated fairly.  Even if you are partially guilty, a carefully-crafted legal defense can reduce the charge or possibly even eliminate it.  As an example, an illegal traffic stop, the planting of drugs by a police officer and/or witness testimony can set you free.  In some situations, faulty testing methods, improperly calibrated equipment, the failure to follow established protocols during the arrest/interrogation or the failure to read a Miranda warning constitutes a convincing legal defense.

The Help You Need in Your Time of Need

Oftentimes, Williston residents accused of one or several drug crimes are struggling with substance abuse addiction.  Others accused of such crimes have financial challenges.  However, there are some cases in which the individual charged with a drug crime has no such addiction or struggle.  Whether you are completely innocent or partially innocent, you deserve top-notch legal support from the best criminal defense attorneys in Williston.

If you are struggling with drug addiction, our attorneys can help you find the appropriate programs for your specific needs.  Participation in a drug treatment program has the potential to sway the court to view your case in a more favorable light.  However, it is usually prudent to combat the charges rather than admit guilt and hope for a reduced penalty.  If you are innocent, you can trust our Williston criminal defense law firm to exhaust all legal strategies to reach the ideal outcome for your needs.

In some cases, it makes sense to negotiate a resolution while other clients will be better served by a savvy legal practitioner willing to engage in legal battle in and out of court. Our criminal defense attorneys are here to analyze your unique case to determine which strategy is best for your situation. This is not to say we will steer your case in a particular direction; rather, our Williston drug crimes attorneys will provide the legal advice appropriate for your specific case. If it is prudent to work with the court to reduce the charge, we will be completely forthright with you. This is the genuine and honest legal assistance every Williston resident accused of a drug crime needs to emerge with a fair and just result.

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