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Sex Crimes

The accusation of a sex crime is as serious as it gets.  Sadly, many Williston-area residents accused of sex crimes are either framed or guilty of a lesser offense.  If you are not represented by the best criminal defense attorneys in Williston, you run the risk of a guilty verdict that sends your life into a downward spiral.  The Nehring Law Office is here to prevent this nightmare from becoming your reality.

Sex Crime Penalties We can Help You Avoid

A sex crime conviction has the potential to do much more than embarrass you.  Aside from the stress resulting from a conviction of this magnitude, sex crime offenders are also subjected to a prison sentence, stiff fines, public humiliation as a registered sex offender and limited housing/employment options.  Those in your neighborhood, family, social and work circles will never look at you the same after you are convicted of a sex crime.

Our  Williston attorneys are here to review your side of the story, form the best possible legal defense and ultimately clear your name.  If we cannot clear your name, we will do everything in our power to minimize your penalty.  The bottom line is a sex crime accusation does not mean you are guilty of the supposed act.  Nor does an accusation mean you will be convicted.  The most important thing you can do to clear your name is reach out to our Williston criminal defense attorneys as soon as the charge is filed.

Sex Crimes Defenses

The proper defense strategy for the nuanced facts of your sex crime case has the potential to set you free or at least reduce a potential penalty.  Though defending against a sex crime accusation might seem like mission impossible, we have a track record of success defending those living in Williston, ND and beyond against such accusations.  In many instances, sex crimes accusations are completely baseless.  People really will accuse others of sex crimes out of spite for supposed wrongdoings or personal conflicts in the past.

There are numerous sex crimes defenses ranging from the forementioned false accusations resulting from personal vendettas to consent from the supposed victim, involuntary intoxication, insanity, police abuse or mistake of age.  Even the slightest flaw in the prosecution’s case can lead to a dismissal of the charge(s).  However, you need a talented and hardworking Williston criminal defense attorney to identify the optimal legal strategy, execute it to perfection and ensure justice is served.

Examples of Sex Crimes We Have Defended in the Past

There is a common misconception criminal defense attorneys solely handle the sex crime of rape.  Our Williston legal team is here to defend those charged with rape as well as sexual assaults of other types, indecent exposure, sexting, internet sex crimes, possessing obscene materials, unlawful contact with a minor, child molestation, charges for internet solicitation of minors for sex, date rape and beyond.


Each unique sex crime case necessitates its own nuanced legal strategy.  As an example, a police officer's use of illegal methods to prove the defendant's supposed guilt will suffice as a defense in some cases yet others will require a completely different legal strategy based on their respective evidence.

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