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Theft Crimes

Every Williston resident wrongly accused of theft needs and deserves a strategic defense provided by experienced criminal defense attorneys.  Even a slightly flawed defense can lead to unnecessary time in prison and hefty fines.  The bottom line is a theft accusation should spur an aggressive defense.  Our Williston, ND criminal defense law firm handles all different types of theft cases ranging from robbery to burglary, shoplifting, grand theft, identity theft and beyond.

A Custom-tailored Legal Defense

No two theft cases are exactly the same.  You need a Williston criminal defense attorney on your side willing to analyze the nuanced details of your specific case.  Once this analysis is complete, our legal team will formulate a detailed legal defense based on the unique facts of your case.  Few other Williston criminal defense law firms are willing to invest the time and effort necessary to develop such a customized defense.

We exhaust every possible defense strategy to determine which is best for your specific case.  If our defense strategy succeeds, it is possible for a theft charge to be dropped altogether.  In some cases, a custom-tailored legal strategy results in the dismissal of evidence.  However, if your case goes to trial, our criminal defense attorneys will zealously advocate on your behalf to clear your name.

We Represent Those Accused of Every Type of Theft

There are different types of theft and accompanying penalties.  As an example, petty theft is not as serious as other types of thefts so it is categorized as a misdemeanor.  If found guilty of petty theft, you will face fines, probation, jail and/or additional penalties.  Alternatively, the more serious theft crime of grand theft can trigger felony charges as the allegedly stolen property is of significant value.  Our Williston, ND criminal defense firm is here to defend against each type of alleged theft.  From larceny to forgery, fraud, burglary, embezzlement, credit card theft, identity theft and beyond, we are more than willing to craft the proper defense strategy for your unique theft charge.

The Quality Legal Defense Every Williston Resident Deserves

Our Williston criminal defense team is ready and willing to analyze every last detail of your case.  This is the in-depth legal analysis necessary to avoid the harsh repercussions detailed above after a guilty verdict.  Let our legal experts handle your case and we might be able to reduce the severity of the criminal charge.  The chances of reducing the charge are that much better if you are charged with a petty theft crime or if this is your first offense.

We understand the label of “thief” has the potential to ruin your life and even traumatize you.  If you are innocent or had a momentary lapse of judgment, the rest of your life should not be compromised due to an unfounded accusation.  In some cases, simply forgetting to remove an item from your shopping cart can spur an unwarranted theft charge.  Regardless of why or how your theft charge came about, our Williston, ND criminal defense attorneys are here to gather evidence, develop a legal strategy and do everything possible to get the charges dropped or reduced.

How We can Help

Each unique theft crime case involves a number of unique aspects.  However, some Williston criminal defense attorneys are unwilling to review these details to the depth necessary for a custom-tailored legal defense.  If you did not intend to permanently steal the property, it might be possible to argue for lesser penalties or for the charge to be dropped in its entirety.  Furthermore, if witnesses did not accurately identify you at the scene of the supposed crime, it will be that much easier to poke holes in the prosecution’s case.

In some cases, the defendant had the property' owner's permission to take the property in question.  It is even possible that the supposed misappropriation can be attributed to an accounting error as opposed to intentional theft.

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