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Theft Crimes

Every Williston resident wrongly accused of theft needs and deserves a strategic defense provided by experienced criminal defense attorneys.  Even a slightly flawed defense can lead to unnecessary time in prison and hefty fines.  The bottom line is a theft accusation should spur an aggressive defense.  Our Williston, ND criminal defense law firm handles all… Continue reading Theft Crimes

Assault Crimes

An assault charge has the potential to derail your life.  If you live in or around Williston and face such a charge, you need the assistance of a proven criminal defense attorney.  Our Williston, ND legal team is ready and willing to review the facts of your case, develop the appropriate legal strategy and fiercely… Continue reading Assault Crimes

Sex Crimes

The accusation of a sex crime is as serious as it gets.  Sadly, many Williston-area residents accused of sex crimes are either framed or guilty of a lesser offense.  If you are not represented by the best criminal defense attorneys in Williston, you run the risk of a guilty verdict that sends your life into… Continue reading Sex Crimes

Drug Crimes

If you are caught possessing, distributing or selling illegal drugs, you are in perilous legal waters.  Drug crime penalties include exorbitant fines and/or jail time.  The penalty for each specific crime hinges on the unique facts of the situation and the severity of the supposed wrongdoing.  If you are charged with a drug crime of… Continue reading Drug Crimes

DUI, Alcohol & Driving Related Offenses

Choosing the Nehring Law Office to represent you in a NorthDakota or Montana Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charge offers the advantageof Jeff and Hernando’s extensive experience. With a combined track record ofhandling more than 5,000 DUI cases, Jeff and Hernando bring unparalleledexpertise and insight to your defense. Vast Experience: Jeff and Hernando’s tenure at… Continue reading DUI, Alcohol & Driving Related Offenses